URGENT NOTICE: with effect from 21 March 2020

It is with deep regret that I announce that, due to the coronavirus pandemic, all classes and one-to-one sessions are postponed until further notice. I have tried to continue for as long as possible but your safety and protection from this potentially deadly virus is my main concern right now. We are all globally going through something we don't know very much about and it is scary! We need to all pull together and do what we can to get through this. Social distancing is key! We all need to do it! I am gutted to have to come to this decision and am anxious about what the future holds or how I am going to manage work wise (but that's my issue and no one else's!).
I have a Facebook group set up called Mavericks & Rogues( https://www.facebook.com/groups/1768796830052527/ ) For existing clients, please ask to join the group if you haven't already. I want you to use this group as a way to chat, share and support each other. Post videos of your dog and training struggles and I will try to review them and offer training advice. I hope to do some Facebook live chats also for you to join in on. I will also be posting some training videos and challenges so that you will have some ideas of things to do with your dog.
I bloody LOVE my clients and all the dogs I work with. I am going to miss seeing you all and I really hope you stick by me through this. I am definitely going to suffer mentally through this pandemic. One thing that will help me through it will be knowing that you are all still there when we come out the other side. If you could leave me a nice Facebook or Google review, that will also help me enormously.
I will be using my time planning new classes/courses etc and helping out in the community where I can, so that we can all pull through this together.
Thank you for your continued support. Keep safe. If you need anything, please let me know.

Love to you all,

PS: If you are a panic buyer......stop being a dick!! You are making an already stressful time much much worse with your selfishness!! Get a grip!!!

 Training  Classes - 1:1 Tutored Training Sessions - Dog Walk & Train Service - Socialisation Walks

Mavericks & Rogues Dog Services (Kate Russell) is proud to offer a service that is tailored to meet the individual needs of Hereford's pet dog owners.  Whether you are looking for one to one training sessions, someone to train your dog for you, a one-off walk,  the odd pet sit, supervised socialisation walks or a combination of everything, you can be rest assured that you and your dog will be catered for with the utmost kindness and respect. Our training  classes are fun and family friendly so everyone is welcome. Training techniques used are ethical, kind and scientifically proven, enabling you to train your dog whilst enriching their emotional well-being and enhancing the trusting relationship between you and your dog.

Mrs Kate Russell IMDT

Institute of Modern Dog Trainers - Accredited FULL Member (Distinction). http://www.imdt.uk.com/find-a-qualified-imdt-trainer.html

B.I.P.D.T. - 2nd Grade. Affiliated to the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers having obtained a Certificate in Basic Instructional Techniques http://bipdt.org.uk/results-of-residential-instructors-course-autumn-2013

Qualifications & Course/Seminars Attended:

The Dog Rescuers Guide - February 2020 - Canine Principles https://www.canineprinciples.com/

Canine Hoopers World Instructor Course (Level 1) - September 2019 - Carrie-Anne Selwyn  https://www.caninehoopersworld.com/

PACT 1 day Training a Mental Health Assistance Dog - June 2019 - Kirsten Dillon www.kirstendillon.com

UKCSD 1 day Scent Conference - June 2019 - Robert Hewings www.ukcsd.com, Adrienne Wisok, Kathy Murphy, Lorna Irish , Fiona MacDonald Bravehound

Proprioception for Professionals (2 days) - April 2019 - Caroline Cowan, Cardiff Canine Citizens

Level 1 T-Touch Workshop - March 2019 - Gemma Hodson,  All About The Dog Therapy

IMDTB 1 day Behaviour Case Studies - March 2019 - Dave Brice, David Brice Dog Behaviour

IMDTB 2 day Resource Guarding Seminar - February 2019 - Dave Brice, David Brice Dog Behaviour

IMDT 1 day Therapy Dogs (PTSD) Seminar - February 2019 - Robert Hewings www.ukcsd.com)

Dog Fist Aid Certificate - December 2018 - Rachel McAlpine, Dog First Aid Ltd

IMDT 2nd Chance Heroes (5 days) - October 2018 - Mustafa Ozmas

IMDT 2 day Advanced Practical Training Skills - September 2018 - Kay Laurence Learning About Dogs 

Interactive Play Workshop - July 2018 - Craig Ogilvie Craig Ogilvie Dog Training

3 day Play Master Workshop - January 2018 - Kay Laurence Learning About Dogs 

IMDTB 1 day Noise Sensitivity & Phobias Seminar - October 2017 - Dave Brice, David Brice Dog Behaviour

IMDT 2 Day Assessment - July 2017 - Passed with Distinction

IMDT 5 day World of the Detection Dog  -May 2017 - Louise Wilson (www.conservationk9consultancy.com) & Robert Hewings (www.ukcsd.com)

IMDTB 1 day Abnormal Repetitive Behaviours Seminar - March 2017 - Dave Brice, David Brice Dog Behaviour

IMDTB 1 day Impulse Control Seminar - Feb 2017 - Dave Brice, David Brice Dog Behaviour

IMDTB 2 day Dog to Human Aggression Seminar - Feb 2017- Dave Brice, David Brice Dog Behaviour

IMDT 3 day Conference - June 2016 - Kay Laurence Learning About Dogs , Steve Mann, Nando Brown, Sam Turner, Geert de Bolster, Claudia Pereira Estanislau.

Dog Law Seminar - April 2016 - Trevor Cooper Doglaw SOS

IMDT Canine First Aid - June 2016 - Alun Freeman

HEARTSTART - CPR & First Aid - June 2016

IMDT Happy Puppy Instructor Course - May 2016 - Nando Brown, Jo-Rosie Haffenden

IMDT Canine Aggression & Rehabilitation Seminar - February 2016 - Steve Mann

OCN Accreditation: Principles of Dog Training and Behaviour: Level III. - October 2015

IMDT 2 day Membership Assessment - October 2015 - Passed with Merit 

IMDT 4 day Practical Dog Training Instructors Course -  August 2015

Scentwork UK -Introduction to Scentwork Workshop - October 2015 - Heather Donelly 

BIPDT - Week long residential Dog Trainers Instructor Course - August 2013